The jewellery we make wont be just for one day but will be for a lifetime, to be treasured but also to be worn, touched and felt.

Made with Love

We love Mummies, whether new or old. We love Grandmas too. Daddies & Grandpas, Aunts & Uncles, kids, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. We love friends, and we know you do too. That’s why when we make a piece of jewellery for you, it will be just as special and unique as you and the person you’re going to give it. We’ll use the fingerprints or handprints or footprints of you or someone you love to make the gift really special and truly one of a kind. We’ll capture this unique part of them, and put it in 99.9 solid silver to make an original piece of jewellery that can stay close to their heart forever. What could be better than always being able to hold the hand of those special loved ones?

  • Fingerprint Jewellery
  • Hands and Feet keepsakes
  • Paw Prints
  • Special Words to a loved one engraved on 99.9% silver to keep the memory and print of a loved one who has departed in a treasured silver charm

Beautiful hand crafted Jewellery

Because the pieces we make are created with lifetimes in mind and many are designed to be added to as romances and friendships blossom, as new additions to the family come and to remember those that are special to us and that have gone. Because every person is different and grows in their own way, so does our jewellery as we work with you to create it.

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