Taking the Prints

Taking the Prints

We’ve made taking prints really simple, easy and stress free for you and the kids. We have two different methods for taking prints, depending on whether it’s handprints or fingerprints you need to take. The kits are so simple that if you have very young children then you could even capture their fingerprints when your children are asleep.

Remember that we won’t charge you for either type of kit (as long as you’re in the UK) and you won’t have to pay to send it back to us either. Along with the kit, remember that you’ll have to send us the personalisation details and write the message you want to appear on your item. 
Hand and Footprints are captured using a special ink free wipe. Once this wipe has been used, mummy or daddy then uses a special, super sensitive, paper. This process was scientifically developed for use in hospitals and is completely clean and safe. Soon you’ll see the hand and footprints appear on the paper. If there is a set of prints you already have that you would like us to use then just send us a clear copy of those. You can e-mail these to us direct.

If you’ve decided that you want us to create you a piece of jewellery using fingerprints then we’ll send you a special fingerprint pack. Just like the handprint and footprint capturing techniques we use this is clean, safe and easy to use. Even the tiniest fingers are captured in exquisite detail in the putty. Once the impressions have been made then the putty hardens so that the fingerprint kit can be safely transported back to us here at Little Corkers so we can get started on handcrafting your items. 

Don’t worry about getting the impressions taking process right as both types of impression kit come with clear instructions that carefully explain every step of the process. 

Returning your prints.
Once Little Corkers has received your impressions kit we’ll send you an email to let you know that they have been safely delivered. We’ll also keep you updated at every stage of the making process. Every piece of jewellery that we produce is handmade in pure silver and every piece is inscribed by hand and polished by hand. We are confident that our standards are the highest that you will find.
Unless you ask us to do otherwise we will safely store all of the impressions we get for 12 months, so that should you wish to order with us again, we will already have the impressions we need so you won’t have to go through the bother of collecting prints again.

Taking your impressions and the clarity of your prints 

Fingerprint Impressions 
We supply every customer with enough putty to take two impressions of each finger. These packs also come with clear and comprehensive instructions on how to use the kit and get the best results. Fingerprints are nearly always clear, though results can vary depending on the age and depth of the features of the finger such as the depth of the line or any scarring that may be present.   
You will be asked to declare that you are happy for us to use the impressions that you supply. If you are unhappy with the impressions that you have taken then please contact us and we will send you a fresh fingerprint pack. We will ask you to pay £3 for each replacement set we send you. If the impressions you send us cannot be used by us then will ask you to take a new set. Again we will charge £3 for this service. 
Hands & Feet 
The special print taking kits that are used for hands, feet and paws include a number of the special wipes and a number of sheets of the special impressions paper so that you can take several impressions. We will ask you to declare that you are happy with the impressions taken and that you give Little Corkers permission to use these prints. If you are unhappy with the prints that you take, then we can send out another kit, there will however be a £6 charge for this. If Little Corkers is unable to use the impressions that you send to us then we will send you another impressions kit. There will be a charge of £6 for this kit. 

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