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Fine silver fingerprint or hand print jewellery captures special moments and special memories of our lives. Each and every piece should be unique. I started Little Corkers because I wanted to make this available for everyone. I perfected my craft before converting a stable at home into a bespoke silversmith’s workshop, and starting Little Corkers four years ago .
Little Corkers is not part of a franchise, instead is a small cottage industry that I set up to produce high quality fingerprint jewellery. Each and every item that is made has to be passed through high quality control checks, and I have to be happy with every piece before it is sent to you.

Every piece of jewellery is made by hand. When I am asked to create a piece of jewellery, I understand that you are giving me a memory, a point in time that has passed and cannot be recaptured. I make sure that every piece of jewellery that I produce is perfect. If you ask me to write a message on the piece, I do not use stamping, instead I hand engrave the piece. I will ensure that the way the message is written perfectly complements the style of the piece that I am crafting.

I am often asked how I make the jewellery. Hand and Footprints are captured using a special ink free wipe. Once this wipe has been used, the hand or foot is placed gently onto a special, super sensitive, paper. This process was scientifically developed for use in hospitals and is completely clean and safe. Soon the hand and footprints appear on the paper. If someone already has a set of prints that they would like to use, then they can just email a clear copy of those.

Fingerprints are a little different to capture, and I will send you a special fingerprint pack. Just like the handprint and footprint capturing techniques we use this is clean, safe and easy to use. Even the tiniest fingers are captured in exquisite detail in the putty. Once the impressions have been made then the putty hardens so that the fingerprint kit can be safely transported back to me here at Little Corkers so the work can get start to produce your handcrafted jewellery.

Whether you choose fingerprints, handprints or footprints, once I receive them, I work my Little Corkers magic to turn them into bespoke fine silver charms.

Any piece of fingerprint jewellery must combine your love and warmth with high quality craftsmanship. It is only when these elements are brought together in perfect harmony that the perfect piece of jewellery will be born.

I am both rewarded and humbled by knowing that so much of my work is done for people who have asked me to make something for them before or who have had my services recommended to them. I feel that this is a strong testament to the excellent service Little Corkers provides and to the quality of the work I am proud to produce.

I hope you will agree that over the last four years Little Corkers has grown into one the finest, warmest and most attentive jewellery makers you will find.

Victoria Corker-Trow x

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